Demo 2.1.17

Wednesday, February 1, 2017:

Our demonstration this month was presented by Robert Maniscalco.  He began by asked for a volunteer to be his model and followed with an excellent demo with explanations of his technique for painting portraits.  His under painting is light making shapes of the values while paying close attention to relationships of those values.  He generally uses four colors for this step:  ochre, alizarin, prussian blue and burnt umber.

Using a large brush to get started.

Adding in the next layer of color







As he adds in the colors of the next layer, he still concentrates on the shape of the values and their relationships.  He spoke most of the time he was painting explaining in detail how he was looking at the subject and how that relates to his technique.

Almost finished and answering questions.

Guild members spell bound







Claudia’s first glimpse of her portrait

Model, completed painting and Robert.








Robert is an excellent instructor.  His technique answered many of the member’s questions about making faces look like the person being painted without achieving a photographic appearance.  A very informative and enjoyable evening!

For more details about Robert Maniscalco, see his website at:  His gallery and teaching studio is located in North Charleston.