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May 4, 2016:

Susan Wimbley demonstrated the many uses of a water-based product called Gelatos.  She brought examples of her mixed media works where where she used these color sticks for every thing from accents to creating most of the painting.  She showed us how to use them multiple ways from using the stick itself to using a brush to pick the color as you would on a pallet.  She used it with stencils, stamps, towels, cloths and with sponges showing us the results of each while explaining the technique.

Susan was a delight to watch as her energy made her presentation invigorating and challenging.  She left us with a feeling of renewed creativity to work with something new to most of us.  Thank you Susan.

Susan Wimbley showing us ways to use Gelatos

Susan Wimbley showing us ways to use Gelatos

Susan's signature Faces

One of Susan’s signature whimsical faces.


Product being used.

Product being used.

Gelatos used as emblishments.

Gelatos used as embellishments.

Butch won the Door Prize!

Butch won the Door Prize!

April 6, 2016:

Muriel Lanciault, who has numerous awards for her paintings, demonstrated a fun way to create beautiful note cards with some watercolors, spray bottles,  watercolor paper, and plastic wrap.

Muriel puts the last bit of paint from her tubes into spray bottles, adds water and shakes them until the paint is dissolved.  Using multiple colors, spray the colors on the paper until all areas are covered.  Lay a piece of plastic wrap directly on the wet paint and scrunch it up on the surface leaving it stuck against the paper until everything is completely dry.  When you pull the wrap off, it looks like cracked glass in beautiful colors.

As with any new process you try, there are techniques you will need to refine to get the look you want.  You can frame the piece for an abstract painting, or cut it to fit note cards attaching them to the fronts leaving a border.

Muriel made it look like fun and easy to try.  Her presentation emphasized the fun part.  If you’re looking for something to loosen you up, this might do the trick.

Thank you, Muriel, for your clear directions and inspiration!   

Muriel enjoying talking to artists.

Muriel enjoying talking to artists.

March 2, 2016:

Meyriel Edge, a local area award-winning artist, demonstrated portrait painting using acrylics.  She began by explaining the basic products she uses and answered questions from the participants.  She then did a quick sketch of the live model and proceeded to explain her technique as she developed her portrait.  It was interesting to watch her work from unexpected colors to realistic hues as she layered the paint.  In one hour’s time, she had a recognizable portrait which she said she could finish with about two more hours work.

Everyone could learn techniques for improving their works from Meyriel’s informative demo no matter the medium or subject.  She is a natural teacher.

Meyriel and her Best of Show painting, "Regrets? I have none."

Meyriel and her Best of Show painting, “Regrets? I have none.”

Meyriel's Tools

Meyriel’s Tools






The Sketch

The Sketch

Working on the portrait.

Working on the portrait.       

Meyriel's palette

Meyriel’s palette

February 3, 2016:

Trish Emory, another one of our award winning members, demonstrated her superior skills in pastels.  Trish started with showing us the large selection of paper types available for pastels noting her favorites to achieve different looks to the work.   Then she opened her huge box of pastels explaining the different kinds available to artists.   She completed a quick study to demonstrate her techniques while reviewing composition, lighting during various times of the day, and other useful basics that were very helpful for new and re-emerging artists.  Excellent presentation!!

Showing her box of Pastels

Showing her box of Pastels

Selection just the right color. Can be hard when there are so many!

Selecting the right color can be hard from so many!







Add some shadow in here.

Add some shadow in here.

Expect to get dirty. But you'll have fun!

Expect to get dirty. But you’ll have fun!


January 5, 2016:

   Our first meeting of the new year took place at our new day and new time that was voted in at the November meeting.  Our regular meetings are now on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. still at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Pinapolis, SC. See the “Meetings” tab for the next presenter and the address of the location.

    Our own Gary Smith demonstrated his award winning drawing techniques using just dots.  Gary said he experimented with this technique when he was in the military finding that it relaxed him.  His results are spectacular as competition judges reward him with accolades and ribbons.  He also works with acrylics and Mixed Media as seen below.

Gary one of his Mixed Media works

Gary one of his Mixed Media works

Gary and two of his Acrylic paintings

Gary and two of his Acrylic paintings

Example of Gary's Pencil/Graphic work

Example of Gary’s Pencil/Graphic work using his dots techniques

September 13, 2015:

2015 Twenty Fifth Annual Old Santee Canal Fine Arts Exhibition

To view the awards that were given, click on the link below:

2015 Santee Canal Exhibition Awards

 September 09, 2015:

From our friends at the SC DNR:

Submit a winning “Trashter Piece” and take home an iPad Mini 3

The old idiom of “One person’s trash is another’s treasure,” has never been more accurate and now you might win an iPad Mini 3 to boot.
Be a creative, turn your trash and litter into a “Trashter Piece.” Take everyday trash and litter such as plastic bottles, potato chip bags, pieces of metal, rubber tires, food cans, boots, plates, aluminum and make them into a memorable piece of art. Items like animal parts and food by-products and/or animal parts cannot be used.
Name your Trashter Piece: if you are using fishing lines and old hooks found on the shoreline – “Hook, Line & Sinker”; found lots of cigarette butts – “No Butts About It”; found random pieces of metal – “Hot & Bothered” and so forth. Think outside the box for an eye-catching title.
The art category is “Wildlife Inspired.”
There are three categories for art submission:
* Grades K – 6
* Grades 7 – 12
* Adults
The entry deadline is Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015 with the art selection conducted during February 2016. All prizes will be awarded on March 18, 2016 at 6 p.m. at the Palmetto Sportsman Classic at the State Fairgrounds in Columbia.
Get complete contest rules and an application at

July 22, 2015:


The Berkeley Artists Guild would like to thank Patricia Brinson who held a drawing class at the home of Ruth Griebe in Bonneau, SC on July 21, 2015. Also a giant thank you to Ruth Griebe for opening her beautiful home to us! It was such a fun day!

June 24, 2015:

the fearsome four

Pictures from our day trip to Johns Island are now posted! Take a look-

Day Trip To Johns Island- 6-20-2015

June 8, 2015:

The photos for the 2015 BAG Members Show are now posted! Check them out!

2015 BAG Members Show/ Reception Photos

June 7, 2015:

The Berkeley Artists Guild would like to thank everyone who came and celebrated with us at our reception on Friday, June 5th! Our annual Member’s Show was a great success! To view the results of our show, click the link below! Photos will follow soon!

2015 Berkeley Artists Guild Annual Member’s Show