Wednesday Evening Fun

January 4th ,2023 Meeting, Let’s Paint Together!

In honor of our 1st Annual BAG Member Small Painting Exhibition and Judged Show we will be painting on 5×7 canvas boards (provided) and learning tricks and tips for painting small.

Provided to you:

  1. 5×7 canvas board
  2. table top easel
  3. acrylic paint on plate palette 
  4. brushes
  5. reference material to choose from

You may want to bring your own reference photo on your phone of your favorite pet, landscape, or anything that inspires you! You are also welcome to bring your own brushes or supplies if you prefer. 

Let’s all have some fun and paint together!

2022 October Meeting, Monnie Johnson Demo

Posted on November 1, 2022 by Artitra19

What a wonderful evening we had at the BAG demonstration by artist Monnie Johnson. Monnie painted a vibrant ocean scene and encouraged our group not to be afraid to use bold strokes and colors. He walked the group through the steps he takes in developing a painting and techniques he uses when working in acrylics.