Demo 3.2.16

March 2, 2016:

Meyriel Edge, a local area award-winning artist, demonstrated portrait painting using acrylics.  She began by explaining the basic products she uses and answered questions from the participants.  She then did a quick sketch of the live model and proceeded to explain her technique as she developed her portrait.  It was interesting to watch her work from unexpected colors to realistic hues as she layered the paint.  In one hour’s time, she had a recognizable portrait which she said she could finish with about two more hours work.

Everyone could learn techniques for improving their works from Meyriel’s informative demo no matter the medium or subject.  She is a natural teacher.

Meyriel and her Best of Show painting, "Regrets? I have none."

Meyriel and her Best of Show painting, “Regrets? I have none.”

Meyriel's Tools

Meyriel’s Tools

The Sketch

The Sketch

Working on the portrait.

Working on the portrait.       

Meyriel's palette

Meyriel’s palette