2015 Berkeley Artists Guild’s Annual Members Show Reception

On Friday, June 5, 2015 from 5:30-7:30 PM, the Berkeley Artists Guild held the reception for our annual Guild Member’s Show. We had a wonderful time and made quite a few new friends! Congratulations to all of our Guild Members for such a successful event! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!


1st Place Light in the Pines   by: Horace A. Nobles

2nd Place End of Day   by: Horace A. Nobles

3rd Place Swamp Fox Bridge   by: Ruth Griebe


1st place:   1 Sole From 58, 256 Names  by: Pamela Corwin

2nd place:  Mathew 10:16  by: Pamela Corwin

3rd place:   Lola   by: Jan Roach

Mixed Media

1st place:  Red Winged Black Bird   by: Louise James

2nd place:  Every Girl’s Dream  by: Pamela Corwin

3rd place:  Water Jug  by: Ruth Griebe


1st place:  Ashley River Tidal Creek   by: Jan Roach

2nd place:  Marsh   by: Patricia Brinson

3rd place:  Moon Over Porcher Drive  by: Jan Roach
1st place:  After The Storm  by: Patricia Brinson

2nd place:  Morning Light 2  by: Linda Medders Jackson

3rd place:  Lucky Lil Blue     by: Linda Medders Jackson


1st place:  Saluda Brown   by: Pamela Corwin

2nd place:  Adventure   by: Susan B. Scampini

3rd place:  Boats at St. Mary’s   by: Susan B. Scampini

Best in Show

1 Sole from 58,256 Names     by: Pamela Corwin

 Honorable Mentions

Brambles   by: Patricia Brinson

The Kayaker    by: Louise James

Funky Frog    by: Linda Rounds

Cypress Gardens Bridge    by: Ruth Griebe

Folly Breeze   by: Louise James

Charleston Harbor   by: Ruth Griebe

Spring Mix    by: Betty Futch

Brody      by: Susan B. Scampini
Steel Magnolias Floral Award

Posies   by: Patricia Brinson

Friar Tuck Award

 Brody    by: Susan B. Scampini

Thank You!

The Berkeley artists guild would like to thank Steel Magnolias Floral Designs and  Friar Tucks Galleries both located in Moncks Corner for the Friar Tuck Award and the Steel Magnolia Floral Award that were presented this year.


A special thank you to Karen Langley for judging our show. For more information about Karen, visit: www.karenlangleyart.com/