1.9.19 — Christopher Kyle – Drawing

January Demonstrator  – Christopher Kyle – Drawing

Christopher Kyle is a local area, award-winning artist who uses graphite, colored pencils, charcoal and ink to create his images.  You can follow him on Instagram @ art_is_expressive and on Facebook by searching for his full name.

Chris with a recent creation

Chris brought a recent work that he used to introduce us to his style and to explain the basics of his creative process.

Demonstrating His Techniques







Working on his drawing.

Chris answered all our questions

The Rose







He works deliberately and carefully in each area of his drawing until he has achieved the look he wants to convey in his piece.  He never applies charcoal directly to the paper.  He put a layer of charcoal on another paper and transferred it to his work with a soft instrument, such as blending stomps and  Q-tips.  When he stopped his demonstration that evening, we could clearly see how the depth and clarity he added to the rose in that short time gave it new life and a softness that wasn’t there before his demo.

It was an enjoyable and very informative evening with Christopher.  You can reach him at: lej_chris@yahoo.com.  He is available for commission work.