2.6.19 Colleen Wiessmann – Abstract Mixed Media

February Demonstrator — Colleen Wiessmann – Abstract Mixed Media

Colleen Wiessmann is a working artist whose studio is in Seabrook Island, SC.  As an artist, she sees her goal as making us look beyond the surface and feel the emotions hiding within her paintings.  She applies acrylics, wax, inks and various textured materials in multiple layers on canvas to create her works.  She uses emotions, creative instincts, and memories in her process that allows ever changing layers by painting over, printing, rubbing out, and repainting surfaces on her canvas.  She adds texture with various mediums, fabric, paper and foils.  Her works hang in corporate and private collections.

Colleen beginning her demo

Showing us her layering technique








Her work table


She uses a common palette of acrylic paints for most of her paintings.




Enjoying the presentation







Samples of Colleen’s art.









Colleen’s energetic presentation made us feel like we can have the freedom to try her technique; although it would be only a special few who could achieve Colleen’s level of expertise in abstract mixed media.  What a fun-filled evening with such a creative mind!

See her website at www.colleenweissmann.com     She can be reached at colleenweissmann@yahoo.com or cell: 201-787-1066  Commissions welcome.