Demo 10.3.18

First Fall Meeting of the year with Katherine DuTremble as our Guest Demonstrator

Katherine DuTremble giving us a quick history of Monoprints and Monotypes.










Katherine Dutremble, a multi-talented  tri-county fascinating artist who works in Oils, Printmaking and  writes Poetry, was our guest speaker for our first meeting of the year.  Her demo for this evening was Printmaking.  She began with a brief history of the art and  gave us a basic understanding of the process.










She brought her “Baby Painter” to show us how the process works while explaining the fascinating variety of materials that can be used in this process.  Her examples of the first hand-pulled print and the second “ghost” print are clearly seen in the works here.

First hand-pulled print

Second print called a ghost print.








Often an artist will paint over a ghost print to add a different feature or to add color in an area to make an identifiable difference in the two prints.  They are also clearly labeled with a number system designating the first and second pull from the plate.

Katherine is a thoroughly entertaining and knowledgeable speaker who genuinely loves her art form and is happy to share it with other interested artists.   It was a wonderful fun-filled, learning experience.