Demo 3.7.18 Tom Curtis and Member Critiques

Our program was a combination of two presentations by our president, Tom Curtis, followed by critiquing art works in progress by some of our members.

First, Tom gave us a three-page document titled “How to Price Your Artwork:  A Beginner’s Guide.”  It contained the basics to consider when determining how much to charge for your works including several different approaches that are used by today’s artists.  In addition, there were guidelines for commissions with common problems you may encounter.

Tom giving us information used for evaluating your paintings and how to determine a price.








His second handout discussed ways to look at your finished work to find color or composition errors and/or places to improve your works to make them competitive in a juried competition.

Both handouts and Tom’s explanations were informative and valuable for those getting started or for veteran painters who feel not as successful in the competitive art world as they would like.  Thank you, Tom, for a wonderful presentation!

Shirley brought one of her pieces in progress for our consideration.

Cheryl, a talented new member, showing us her art works.









Several of our members brought their works along for us to critique.  We used the guidelines from Tom’s presentation along with criteria several members have  learned at workshops they’ve attended recently.  Even the members with many competition wins picked up some new techniques.

The whole meeting was full of information and discussion about how to improve your paintings.  Everyone had a good time and left with something new to try.