Demo 2.7.18

The January meeting was canceled because of the show storm.

Our presenter this month was Tom Curtis, Guild president and award-winning pastel artist.  He demonstrated and provided materials for us to make a protective carrying cover for art works.

Tom found this brand at Ollie’s at a good price.

Frames can easily be damaged no matter how careful you are when transporting them. Tom was looking for a light weight, yet sturdy container to protect his works as he transported them between his studio, the gallery, shows and presentations.

Tom found that the underlayment for Laminate floors is a perfect product to use for making a pocket or envelope type holder for paintings.  It is light weight, tough enough to be used for many years and easy to make, customize and store.   It is also inexpensive and easily found in the flooring department at any home building supply store.  All you need is a roll of the plastic underlayment, a roll of packing tape and a regular pair of scissors.

The photos show the material he found at Ollie’s for a reduced price and our guild members taping the material into nice sized carrying containers that reduce the possible damage to paintings and the frames.  He emphasized the need to put more than one strip of tape on any open edge you are taping shut.  Use a Sharpie to put your name and contact information on the bag in case one gets left behind.

Thank you Tom for sharing this valuable tip for artists who regularly transport their art works.

Marcia and Betty sharing the tape.

Tom is explaining his reason for adding extra tape when taping an open side of the holder together.







Tom showing Dana where to find some tape. Shirley is folding the material to make her carrier.