Swap Night

SWAP NIGHT before the meeting

Searching for something we would like to take home.


We decided that it might be fun to bring to the last meeting of our year, things from our home art space that we do not use or have as extra supplies to share with the other members of the guild.  It was surprising to see the many items and the variety of things members brought that evening to share.  There were sketch books, sketch paper, art magazines, packs of different types of paper and photo stock, and paint palettes, to name a few.



Cathy, Shirley and Butch


Everyone had fun looking through the items and claiming treasures to take home.  It gave some a chance to try some things without investing in whole sets of art supplies and gave others a copy or two of art magazines to decide if they would like to subscribe for themselves.  The other benefit was cleaning out your art room a little to make room for more art supplies to try something new.



Betty and Tom

Kathy Jan, Claudia and Ruthie