Demo 4.5.17 Dolly Hayes-Lott

Dolly demonstrated her technique in creating a mixed media painting at our April meeting.  She began by using vine charcoal to draw a loose plan on sandpaper pastel paper to use for shaping her vision.  She worked quickly by adding the background color for the vase, flowers and table using pieces of pastel sticks.  She described her style as “working by the seat of her pants.”

Dolly added the leaves and then began shaping  her creation using warm and cool colors to add detail and balance to her work.  The surprise was when she put a large dollop of white acrylic paint on her palette and began using it to add a brightness to her pastel work.  She worked quickly standing back from time to time to decide what else she needed to add.  She worked with pastels and acrylic alternately until she was satisfied with her design using a one hour time limit.

Her technique and dialogue was refreshing, inspiring us to go home and try her loose technique!  Thank you, Dolly, for sharing your talent with us.

Dolly’s tools

Her White Acrylic paint








Working to balance her painting.

Standing back – warm or cool color?







One Hour Later